Monday, July 31, 2006 is a webcomic you should read with your living eyes!

I subscribed to this webcomic through Google Reader and thought nothing of it until this gem of a comic was posted just today. There are tons of nuggets in there for you to fall in love with...or at least moderately like then leave after a few months.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tom Greveras reign on New York is over!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...Tom Grevera has left the building. Or at least a building in New York. He is now on his way to Siggraph to secure the area and make sure no evil seeps into Boston. I gotta say, the nights I hung out with the dude, I had a blast, he knows how to party. Once he posts his pictures of the night, I'll send a link. I stupidly didn't take my camera with me on the later portion of the evening.

We missed our train into the city on Friday night, so we decided to hang out around White Plains but not before stopping by my place, pouring some drinks, and jamming out on my guitar. The night after, we went to Queens to P.S.1. to see the exhibit and check out a rad rave-type scene. A word of warning, if you're thinking of going to see the art exhibits at PS1, let me save you some a horrible horror movie where people are being "horrored" or cut your leg (accidentally of course) or witness a car accident and there you go. I just saved you 10 bucks. Oh, another thing you could do is visit Andrew Burkes's not for the squeemish, folks.

here are the pictures for Friday night and Saturday for our adventures in the city:

Strangers with Candy Audience Review!

Overall, I gave this audience an A.

With the exception of a couple of people flipping open their phones and the occasional comment from my friend sitting next to me, the audience was pretty tame. Someone from the audience even shut the theatre doors because the other theatres were loud as hell. was a pleasure working with you!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie at ComicCon!

I dig everything Aqua Teen. Nick and I have been waiting to see any kind of footage at from the new ATHF movie thats coming out. The footage is shaky and slightly inaudible at parts but is overall fine to look at. They're still kinda vague at the release date which is lame.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Is my neck really that long? - part 2

Here's the second batch of (painful) charicature photos from the wonderful animators of Blue Sky. Yes...they are very humbling.
This one is from the too-rad-for-a-name Everett Downing. He's off at Pixar now being the coolest dude in California. Thanks IS very close.
Sometimes I wonder why I take stupid pictures. Just because some day Jason Martinsen will take that very photo and zombify it. Then again...I love zombies. So I guess it's appropriate.
God bless "The Hotline". Aaron Hartline that is! My hat is off to Senor Hartline for his TOO accurate charicature of me. Is my neck really that long?
You're probably starting to notice a pattern here. Nick Bruno and his magically approximate pencil capture this delicously childlike portrait of some idiot that sits a few rows over....oh...wait thats me!!!

Lady in the Water Audience Review!

Overall, I gave this audience an F.

  1. The couple right next to me talking for the first quarter of the movie. They were whispering and I guess thought the audience was a bunch of deaf jerks.
  2. Two girls and one dude a couple of rows behind me interjecting their thrilling giggling commentary through the Things like "Because she's dead..." "Oh he's the one." and "This is so stupid." I would have liked to have taken a picture of these jerk-knobs to show you but I think there's a law against it.
  3. A row of college kids (with minds of small children) laughing through, what was supposed to be, a dramatic last sequence. Wanted to dump a bucket of warm camel saliva all over their heads.
  4. This one is the we were leaving, a couple was making out. Well, she had her legs wrapped around him as they were making out. Get a room.
If I were to make a suggestion to folks like that...stay at home and watch TV. You're just wasting your money and the money of the people in the theatre.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Monster House Audience Review

Overall, I gave this audience a C-.

  1. Two older ladies talking moderately loud from the start of the film. Wanted to laser beam them with my eyes. Duration: 7-10 minutes
  2. Boy child starts hissing (like a snake) every 1.5 seconds about 40 minutes into the movie. The hissing was progressively getting louder as the sound was getting more intense. EVERY 1.5 SECONDS!!! Duration: 30-40 minutes

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The wonderful paintings/sculpts of Deanna Molinaro!

There once was a silly little gal named Deanna who I worked with at DNA. She still lives in Texas, still sends me nutty pictures, and is still one radlacious young pup. Check out her website with her paintings (which I want a print of for my apartment) and sculptures and while you're at it, heres her LiveJournal. Be nice to her though...or she'll put you in a headlock and whisper mean things in your ear. Things that will make you cry.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 is now online!

My rad brother and his rad wife have a new online adventure! If you collect comics, this is definately for you!

Hi All, is now online & we also have a Myspace page. We're hoping to generate some pre-launch buzz via myspace and some other grassroots efforts. Some of you may have already heard about it, but for those that haven't: is a web 2.0 application currently in development. We're hoping to have the beta testing done and application fully launched by early Fall 2006.

Comicsubz will allow users to manager their own comic book subscriptions online, at anytime, for FREE. There will also be a program that allows comic book retailers to manage all of their customers' subscriptions.

Please visit and enter your email address to be notified when the application launches!

Also, please add to help spread the word!

Thank You,
The Team
Hal & Jess Saville

Blue Sky Studios needs a Video Systems Engineer!!!

This was sent out today from HR...if you're a Video Systems Engineer, go ahead and send your resume in. And tell them Tom Saville sent ya! :)

Operation and maintenance of at least 9(PC) Avid Adrenaline editing bays
including Sony DAT decks, Beta decks, SVHS, DVD etc;
3 Avid Unity MediaNetwork Fibre Channel SANs;
1 Avid Digidelivery server; 2 color correct bays; a 128 Frame Grass
Valley Router; Tektronix scopes; remote ISDN recording room; a Dolby
5.1 listening room with APT and Dolby equipment; a Theatre containing
an NEC is-8 DLP Projector, a Dolby CP 650 decoder, Dolby 5.1 surround
system and Simplex 35mm projector; and several conference rooms.
The video engineer also helps budget for, plan, solicit bids for,
and implement new video and audio installations. Works closely
with editorial staff and the computer systems group. This is a
highly visible, hands-on position.

Certifications (must have): Avid ACSR Windows, Avid ACSR Unity.

Certifications (preferred): Avid ISIS, Sony Certification.

If you know anyone, they may forward their resume
(ASCII text, PDF, HTML or Word formats) via email to, or by mail to

Human Resources Department
Attn: Video Engineer Position
Blue Sky Studios
44 South Broadway
White Plains, NY 10601

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Amazing Screw-On Head Pilot!

Another gem from the creator of Hellboy, Mike Mignola. I guess the pilot was picked up by Sci Fi and hopefully they'll make even more episodes. The pilot was even more fun and true to Mignola's style than I thought it would be.

If you have a recent Flash player (or your not on Linux):

Thank you YouTube...thank you so much :
part 1

part 2

part 3

(I added the links instead of the video because it takes forever to load up. You get the same effect with the links.)

Old dialogue test!

I found an old dialogue test (at the very bottom of the page) from the pre-production era of Ice Age 2. It never made it to splining but blocking was pretty much done. If I were to do another dialogue test, it would definately be another Dana Snyder bit.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Is my neck really that long? - part 1

Man, I love working with people who can draw! If you say bust someones chops or send them a silly email, they can always draw you a dumb picture or a dumb picture of you and put you in your place. Heres a few from my buddies at Blue Sky :

Everett Downing did this for the Animation Department Charicature Event!

Another Everett drawing...we used to play City of Heroes online and I was totally diggin my character, RaygunX. It turns out, City of Heroes is an EVIL game and will take your days, night, and weekends away from you.
Another Everett drawing...everything in this image is true.
Melvin Tan is starting to play Ultimate Frisbee with us now. He's becoming a badass out on the field.
I started assembling a (skate)board at work with new trucks, wheels, bearings on an old Toys R' Us Batman deck. It was for skating around the office after hours (to get to places quicker) but the wheels don't like the new carpets set up around the studio. :( Melvin drew this one too.
Mark Harris thinks I look like a frog....I guess he's right.

There are more on the way, the 2006 Blue Sky Animation Department Charicature Event is over and we're going to get our drawings soon. I'll share with you when I get them.

Friday, July 14, 2006

If you believe in magic...

Andrew Burke proves I would look totally rad with a mustache and long hair. He'll never learn that a magician will NEVER reveal his secrets. Unless the price is right. And that price is love, ladies and gents.I would never get a mustache though...too itchy. And I can't grow one.

So long Ev...

I learned a few days ago that one of my fellow coworkers (and good friend and comic book geek buddy) is going off to Pixar! Man , that's awesome! He's gonna be working on Ratatouille as an animator (alongside another former Blue Skyer, Amber Martorelli) . We're gonna miss that bastard here at Blue Sky. Check out his Ice Age/Robots/Ice Age 2 demo reel here. Also check out his blog here!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Up and running...

Here's the new format for the time being! This was pretty much inspired by Andrew Burke and Matthew Russells new's a direct ripoff of them. The links section needs to be ported over, the about section needs to be reworked, and I need to put my resume up. Besides those silly little details, the animation section is up-to-date and the basic news page is all set.

I'd love to hear what you think of all this change.

By the way, I just got the Superman Returns soundtrack and it is IN-TENSE!!!

Just gotta say...

Nick Gibbons is one rad dude!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Aqua Rangers are coming!

A good friend of mine, Nick Gibbons, directed, produced, wrote, and starred in his own series of short episodes. I've been lucky enough to see them in their entirety and I can honestly say, they're so f*cking hilarious. Heres the second trailer to the series.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A newer, sloppier website!

Ok so I'm still finessing the overall color scheme and gobbldy-goop with the sidebar, but for the most part, heres what the main site's gonna look like. I'll get the other sections up and running in no time...thats just copying and pasting. Wah hoo!
Here's a picture of my good friend, Melvin Tan, for an animation department charicature event!