Sunday, July 16, 2006

Is my neck really that long? - part 1

Man, I love working with people who can draw! If you say bust someones chops or send them a silly email, they can always draw you a dumb picture or a dumb picture of you and put you in your place. Heres a few from my buddies at Blue Sky :

Everett Downing did this for the Animation Department Charicature Event!

Another Everett drawing...we used to play City of Heroes online and I was totally diggin my character, RaygunX. It turns out, City of Heroes is an EVIL game and will take your days, night, and weekends away from you.
Another Everett drawing...everything in this image is true.
Melvin Tan is starting to play Ultimate Frisbee with us now. He's becoming a badass out on the field.
I started assembling a (skate)board at work with new trucks, wheels, bearings on an old Toys R' Us Batman deck. It was for skating around the office after hours (to get to places quicker) but the wheels don't like the new carpets set up around the studio. :( Melvin drew this one too.
Mark Harris thinks I look like a frog....I guess he's right.

There are more on the way, the 2006 Blue Sky Animation Department Charicature Event is over and we're going to get our drawings soon. I'll share with you when I get them.


  1. At least you have something that's long. Oh ya, I went there.

  2. keep it clean, filth bucket!

  3. as usual, burke crossed the line nobody else would cross...