Monday, July 24, 2006

Is my neck really that long? - part 2

Here's the second batch of (painful) charicature photos from the wonderful animators of Blue Sky. Yes...they are very humbling.
This one is from the too-rad-for-a-name Everett Downing. He's off at Pixar now being the coolest dude in California. Thanks IS very close.
Sometimes I wonder why I take stupid pictures. Just because some day Jason Martinsen will take that very photo and zombify it. Then again...I love zombies. So I guess it's appropriate.
God bless "The Hotline". Aaron Hartline that is! My hat is off to Senor Hartline for his TOO accurate charicature of me. Is my neck really that long?
You're probably starting to notice a pattern here. Nick Bruno and his magically approximate pencil capture this delicously childlike portrait of some idiot that sits a few rows over....oh...wait thats me!!!


  1. Hey I didn't know your neck was bitten out these days. Cool! Better not come wandering down to Texas with your undead army looking to eat some brains... least not without calling first anyway.

  2. My undead army and I will go where we please, Sarah. But you're right...we should call ahead. Right guys?!

    zombie army: UUGGHHHRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

  3. Dood! I miss you...Come home Laddie!!

  4. Tom Saville,
    Tom Saville,
    If he doesn't eat your neck
    no evil thing will.