Monday, July 24, 2006

Lady in the Water Audience Review!

Overall, I gave this audience an F.

  1. The couple right next to me talking for the first quarter of the movie. They were whispering and I guess thought the audience was a bunch of deaf jerks.
  2. Two girls and one dude a couple of rows behind me interjecting their thrilling giggling commentary through the Things like "Because she's dead..." "Oh he's the one." and "This is so stupid." I would have liked to have taken a picture of these jerk-knobs to show you but I think there's a law against it.
  3. A row of college kids (with minds of small children) laughing through, what was supposed to be, a dramatic last sequence. Wanted to dump a bucket of warm camel saliva all over their heads.
  4. This one is the we were leaving, a couple was making out. Well, she had her legs wrapped around him as they were making out. Get a room.
If I were to make a suggestion to folks like that...stay at home and watch TV. You're just wasting your money and the money of the people in the theatre.


  1. I'm digging these crowd reviews Tom. I actually had a crowd moment in Monster House today. Was watching the movie and about 6 mins in a family entered the theatre. One of the kids who had seen it previously felt the need to explain the entire plot of the film to his mom as they waddled down the isle to their seats. And by explain I mean yell out to the entire theatre. Luckily it's not against the law to drop kick a child in the teeth in the state of Seattle.

    Did you like Lady in the Water? After reading some reviews on rotten tomatoes it's sounding like a stinker.

  2. I did like it, actually. I would have liked it so much better if the damn audience wasn't a bunch of renobs. The whole movie was full of characters explaining the characters roles in the movie. But it was still entertaining for me.