Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tom Greveras reign on New York is over!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...Tom Grevera has left the building. Or at least a building in New York. He is now on his way to Siggraph to secure the area and make sure no evil seeps into Boston. I gotta say, the nights I hung out with the dude, I had a blast, he knows how to party. Once he posts his pictures of the night, I'll send a link. I stupidly didn't take my camera with me on the later portion of the evening.

We missed our train into the city on Friday night, so we decided to hang out around White Plains but not before stopping by my place, pouring some drinks, and jamming out on my guitar. The night after, we went to Queens to P.S.1. to see the exhibit and check out a rad rave-type scene. A word of warning, if you're thinking of going to see the art exhibits at PS1, let me save you some a horrible horror movie where people are being "horrored" or cut your leg (accidentally of course) or witness a car accident and there you go. I just saved you 10 bucks. Oh, another thing you could do is visit Andrew Burkes's not for the squeemish, folks.

here are the pictures for Friday night and Saturday for our adventures in the city:


  1. Holly crap! Chirico is certainly well endowed in the sideburn region these days.

  2. Hey you stole our Kathy! No fair!

  3. Kathy Graves - come visit us in Seattle!!