Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ant Bully Audience Review!

Overall, I gave the audience a B.

The only exception to going to a kids film is (suprise) the kids. These kids weren't that bad except for this one child (with ADD I'm assuming) kept jumping up and down in his seat during the slow parts. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves though. Oh and one lady in the front row kept flipping open her phone...I mentally sent her mean words and rather rude comments. Don't think she got the message though.


  1. So did you dig it or not?

  2. Heres what I put on Matthews blog:

    I thought the movie itself was just OK. It was certainly no fault of the animation, lighting and any other department. The voice acting, story, and weak writing really made this movie pretty weak.

    When I see it'll probably be on DVD.

    The animation was pretty good though. Throughout most of the first part, I saw alot of "W" poses with headshakes...kinda reminded me of the days of Neutron. Toward the end, the acting got stronger and more fun to watch.

    Overall, I gave it a 6 out of a 10.

  3. Ya, I'm sort of on the same page. Unfortunately bad habits are hard to break so some of Jimmy's "shortcuts" trickled into the performances.

    I do think there are a lot of solid shots in the movie though. Too bad we couldn't keep the quality more consistent. Unfortunately with the lower budget corners needed to be cut to meet the high quota's.

    All in all though I'm pretty happy with what we managed to pull off. I think I'd give it a 7 though. It's good, not amazing.

  4. The film lacked the tug at the heart strings... I think the cut Zoc flashback sequence would have a great plus for the movie.

  5. Well I think a big problem is that the film went from being a serious-ish action adventure movie much like the Incredibles (ie action adventure not a lot of ha-ha) and then at the last minute someone said "oh crap this needs to be a comedy"...and then parts where removed, rewritten, put back, taken out again...

    Having the flashback scene put back into "this" movie would not work unless they went back a couple is the movie works without it...all the ants fear and loathe the destroyer..Zoc is the only proactive ant...

    The film started with a lot of heart and not a lot of comedy and ended with a not enough of either..

    I still don't know what I think of the film, story wise. I watch it more as a series of events; I know what is going to happen and look forward to each sequence and for the most part I enjoy it.