Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bye, I was Paul.

It finally happened. As of a couple of days ago, my alma mater, DNA Productions, has laid off the majority of it's staff. The lone riders at the studio right now are the very D and A's themselves, John Davis and Keith Alcorn. It's a shame this had to happen...everyone I've worked with at DNA had to be some of the most level-headed, egoless people in the industry. Best of luck to those who found jobs (post layoffs) and to those looking for them.

If by chance, some ex-DNA'ers (and loyal texans) want to build a studio and relocate it to Austin...keep in touch with me. :D


  1. Austin you say?!?

    Need a guy to go to studios, pitch them your wonderful ideas? :)

  2. Hey, I'd be up for that.

    - Pickler

  3. lets build a studio in my bathtub.