Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dare me to punch a dolphin?

No, no...I would never punch a dolphin. Hugging one sounds more appealing. This Sunday morning, I'll be on my merry way (albeit one helluva a plane ride) to the gorgeousness of Hawaii for a good ole vacation/family get-together. Apparently, we've got days of snorkeling, volcano hiking, and even kayaking in front of us! Wow!

Thank a pandas foot I'll have my DS Lite (with newly purchased Starfox Command! Rad!) and iPod (and sketchpad...that's a given) with me on the 7,232 hour plane ride there. Couldn't imagine how boring it would be without it. I'll probably also bring a jug of milk with me on the plane...just to keep things interesting.

I'll post pictures for when I get back. Well, the cool ones at least.

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