Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cool Iron Man concepts.....but not cool enough.

Some rejected concepts for Iron Man surfaced. Personally, I think Adi Granov did a GREAT rendition of the suit and would be simple enough not to be distracting or unrealistic. These ones look too anime to me. Heres a link to two other concepts.

Looking at it now, he kinda looks like a roach or a rolly-polly. It's still pretty cool though.


  1. it sort of looks like a video game... the colors are really dull, too... i love the drawing to the left... I wonder if they will still get tom cruise to do it... I think he would be really right for the character... but I think gary oldman would be an awesome choice too... although there's no rumors of him being iron man... i'll talk to my connections and see what I can do for good old gary man

  2. ek. Ultimate version please.