Friday, September 29, 2006

Open Season Audience Review!

Overall, I gave this audience a B.

The audience was pretty tame this morning...thats one of the benefits of going to a matinee. No cell phones or screaming babies. In fact, the only ones in the theatre besides Nick and myself were a small group of kids with their guardians. I thought maybe they were part of a "fat camp". Then we had a little dialogue:

Me: Maybe they're part of a fat camp?
Nick: Then why the f**k did they order jumbo drinks, extra large popcorn and sweets.
Me: Maybe it's a fat camp competition?
Nick: You mean like a Who's Fatter Camp?
Me: Maybe.

I wanted to turn this dialogue into a comic but we have more interesting conversations that take priority.

If any of you folks at Sony Animation read this...great job all around! Really nice character design (especially the hunter, the lady, and Boog), great job with fur and effects, and nice animation. For some reason, Patrick Warburton felt a little out of place. Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher were well cast, I thought...I hardly thought it was them. And a few friends names I saw in the credits, Renato Dos Anjos and Mike Walling....way to get one of the first title credits, Renato and yes I did see you, Mike! I didn't see Troy Saliba's name though...he may be on Surf's Up.

Off to fattest camp!

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  1. Eep I didn't even realize this was out in theaters! I'm so out of the animation loop :)