Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pictures of Oahu, Hawaii and a special announcement!

Some of you wanted to see pictures of my trip to the gorgeous Oahu, Hawaii (and those of you who KNOW me, know I really like to document trips) so I've added about 260 pictures of the week long vacation. The identities of my family have been removed because of fear they may be humiliated for knowing me...can ya blame them? Lots of pictures of me in just swim trunks (especially for YOU, Andrew Burke!) and some wicked cool shots of the beaches, coastline, and Waikiki. I had a blast there...and if it weren't for the 10+ hour plane ride, I'd make more frequent trips out there. Click here for the very tropical pictures!

Oh right...the special announcement. Comments are back. That's all for now you beautiful people!

{Edit: Starfox DS is an AWESOME game! 9.322 out of 10!}


  1. hey neat. I was at the dole plantation too. The cab driver took us there on the way back from the shark cage thing. I was also at the pearl harbor exhibit... that arizona ship, with the tears of oil that still drip out.

  2. which hotel did you stay at? Was it the Hilton?

  3. yeah I got a couple of pictures of that! We stayed at a military with guests resort. Right next to the beach.

    Did you buy a pearl at the Dole Plantation, alex? It's ok if you did...

  4. Tom the place you stayed, was it in Kaneohe? That's were we lived for 2 years when I was a wee lad.

    Awesome pictures! If you go back check out Maui and/or Kauai. We love Maui! Going back in 2008!!

  5. I only remember the place was on Portlock. Gosh the names are way too similar on those islands...