Saturday, October 28, 2006

White Ninja and The Best Movie Ever!!!

A very long overdue fan comic for White Ninja is finally done...finally! There are a few panels that turned out really lite as far as the line art goes and the text was kinda small but overall, the idea was fun. I've noticed I've been "killing off" characters. Gotta stop doing that.

Plus, it's good to see someone enjoyed Episode 3...which I didn't really care for.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Ghostbusters are here to protect us all!

Dressing up for Halloween is fun. Blue Sky held a little costume party today and some friends and I were the Ghostbusters. Kathy was the StayPuft Marshmallow...uh....girl.

If you wanna see more of the Blue Sky Halloween pictures, go here!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here, kids! What a great excuse to stuff your faces with candy and pass out in a bowl of....candy. Heres a drawing of 'lil pumpkin' for the BSS Challenge, which has oddly enough been getting alot of attention lately! The drawing was scanned in and inked/colored in Art Rage 2.0. Thanks to Melvin Tan for his coloring eye on this one.

A White Ninja fan comic should be out this week! It's done...just need to think of the dialogue. er....could take a couple of days.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

No Time for Nuts ONLINE NO MORE!!!

UPDATE! : I've decided to take the short down . All your positive comments were very much appreciated and the directors were glad to hear you folks enjoyed it. Heres a link to preorder it!

The Scrat short, "No Time For Nuts", that Blue Sky worked on after Ice Age 2 found it's way on the internet. Working on it was a blast...and I hope to work with Mike Thurmeier and Chris Renault as directors again.

I realize it's probably gonna be taken down and posted again on various video sites...when that happens, I'll find and update as needed.

My shots in the short: Scrat popping out of the ice, scrat kissing and hugging the snow, and Titanic coming out of the fog. Pretty much the first three shots in that sequence.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fear not, folks....the Halifax's are just fine.

A couple of weeks ago, the animation department here at Blue Sky lost one of it's most beautiful children to a game studio out in Seattle...maybe you've heard of them....VALVE!!! Looks like things are going well for them out there. They even met up with some friends (who also work at Valve) that I worked with at DNA, Andrew Burke and Matthew Russell. So now I know they're in good hands. Me miss my friends, Aaron and Reagan. Me miss them lots.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Mini-White Plains, NY and Mini-Austin, TX (and Oahu, HA update)

I came across this faking micro photography tutorial a while back and always wanted to try it didn't have the right version of Photoshop to do it. CS ran REALLY slow on my old machine so I made due with PS7. Now that I got this badass new machine, I loaded up CS tonight and found a few pictures to fake miniatureize. I thought it was sweet anyway...check it out and stuff!

White Plains, NY

Austin, TX
Update -> Oahu, HA

Monday, October 09, 2006

BSS Challenge: Crabphin

I know I've been neglecting my other favorite theme drawing session, Drawergeeks, but it feels different with the BSS Challenge. Different in the sense that if you see something on the blog that is totally awesome (like Willie Real's Chirichilla on 'Animal Hybrids'), you can waltz over to the dude/dudettes cube and shoot the ships about it. There is something I've been working on for Drawergeeks (Harry Potter related) but been it off because my coloring skills aren't anywhere near the other artists. You'll see it soon though.

Friday, October 06, 2006

BSS Challenge: Link

A quick sketch of Link for the BSS Challenge. I'll try harder next time, I promise!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jake Parker: Boy Genius

One of my favorite stories in the Flight books was the "The Robot and the Sparrow". Hands down...I remember reading it and saying to myself "G**damn this would make a f***ing great short film" ...ok, there was WAY more cussing than that, but kids occasionally read this, so lighten up. Anyhow, I was amazed to find out that Jake Parker, the artist responsible for "The Robot and the Sparrow" worked at Blue Sky as a designer about 2 months after reading that story. He's a swell guy! Shakes hands, kisses babies, chews with his mouth closed...I even saw him pull an ENTIRE litter of kittens out of a burning pet store this one time. And he did a 5-page Jimmy Neutron comic for Nicktoons magazine. Which is what this whole post was supposed to be about. Check out his online store (especially cool!) and website for what else he's gonna be working on.

I think maybe I don't have enough links in this post...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A couple of drawings...finally!

I was actually feeling pretty inspired today. Maybe it was the fact I'm playing frisbee again, the chance to get better on BSSChallenge, or the pumpkin muffin I had at lunch. I've made up my mind I'm going to leave my tablet at work and try to bust out a few drawings every week ala Sarah Mensinga (except she does it every day).

This image is for BSS Challenge. A group of Blue Sky designers/artists who pick a subject, and draw it. It's constantly updating and I'll contribute to prior posts if they accept me.

This is just because I wanted to try out Art Rage 2.0 again. I haven't even opened the program in a while so this was a fun little exercise. Man...I really need to get coloring and depth down.