Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A couple of drawings...finally!

I was actually feeling pretty inspired today. Maybe it was the fact I'm playing frisbee again, the chance to get better on BSSChallenge, or the pumpkin muffin I had at lunch. I've made up my mind I'm going to leave my tablet at work and try to bust out a few drawings every week ala Sarah Mensinga (except she does it every day).

This image is for BSS Challenge. A group of Blue Sky designers/artists who pick a subject, and draw it. It's constantly updating and I'll contribute to prior posts if they accept me.

This is just because I wanted to try out Art Rage 2.0 again. I haven't even opened the program in a while so this was a fun little exercise. Man...I really need to get coloring and depth down.


  1. Yay more Tom drawings! More more! This Kermit is far to cute to exist. I now have a cavity from his yummy frog leg sweetness.

  2. hehe...thanks Sarah! Yeah I'm gonna try to bust out more drawings as soon as I get inspired and what not. Looking at your blog helps for sure!