Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jake Parker: Boy Genius

One of my favorite stories in the Flight books was the "The Robot and the Sparrow". Hands down...I remember reading it and saying to myself "G**damn this would make a f***ing great short film" ...ok, there was WAY more cussing than that, but kids occasionally read this, so lighten up. Anyhow, I was amazed to find out that Jake Parker, the artist responsible for "The Robot and the Sparrow" worked at Blue Sky as a designer about 2 months after reading that story. He's a swell guy! Shakes hands, kisses babies, chews with his mouth closed...I even saw him pull an ENTIRE litter of kittens out of a burning pet store this one time. And he did a 5-page Jimmy Neutron comic for Nicktoons magazine. Which is what this whole post was supposed to be about. Check out his online store (especially cool!) and website for what else he's gonna be working on.

I think maybe I don't have enough links in this post...


  1. But that's your cute Jimmy right? So cute! He needs to be made into a toy that I can buy :)

    Yes! I totally agree! Jake Parker rocks. I loved that Flight story too.

  2. No thats not my Jimmy drawing...I wish it were though!

    Or it could be made into a parachute or something equally as gnarly!!!

  3. gah...that story was so good it almost made me cry. stop making me cry, tom! i'll tell my momma.

  4. Someone is being a crybaby poopy pants! (It's me)