Friday, October 13, 2006

Mini-White Plains, NY and Mini-Austin, TX (and Oahu, HA update)

I came across this faking micro photography tutorial a while back and always wanted to try it didn't have the right version of Photoshop to do it. CS ran REALLY slow on my old machine so I made due with PS7. Now that I got this badass new machine, I loaded up CS tonight and found a few pictures to fake miniatureize. I thought it was sweet anyway...check it out and stuff!

White Plains, NY

Austin, TX
Update -> Oahu, HA


  1. that is pretty cool, man! I saw the pictures before reading the text and did think it was miniatures.

  2. Faking shmaking! Where are you hiding these adorable little White Plains and Austin? You hoarder of cute things!

  3. I keep it next to my bunnies-with-silly-little-hats village, Sarah. You're one clever little girl!

  4. oh these are great!! soo cute!!