Thursday, October 19, 2006

No Time for Nuts ONLINE NO MORE!!!

UPDATE! : I've decided to take the short down . All your positive comments were very much appreciated and the directors were glad to hear you folks enjoyed it. Heres a link to preorder it!

The Scrat short, "No Time For Nuts", that Blue Sky worked on after Ice Age 2 found it's way on the internet. Working on it was a blast...and I hope to work with Mike Thurmeier and Chris Renault as directors again.

I realize it's probably gonna be taken down and posted again on various video sites...when that happens, I'll find and update as needed.

My shots in the short: Scrat popping out of the ice, scrat kissing and hugging the snow, and Titanic coming out of the fog. Pretty much the first three shots in that sequence.



  1. How cute! That's some fine animating Mr. Tom! Boo that your name was so teeny in the youtube credits :(

  2. "No time for Nuts" Remember how you used to always tell me that, Tom?
    Ahhh I miss the old days. :(
    The short looks great, congrats man!
    your friend,

  3. Nuts aside, those WERE the days. I heard you're at Pixar now mucking it up with Ev and some of my ex-DNA friends. Good to hear from ya, Smelliott!

  4. Scrat kissing the snow was one of my favorite parts. Great work!

  5. All these Scrat shorts are great. I said awhile back he needs his own full length movie. Good job!