Sunday, November 19, 2006

Big Apple ComicCon!

I went to the Big Apple ComicCon this Sunday and picked up a few things and took some pictures with some damn talented people. I was wandering around waiting for a friend to get there when I recognized the voice of Master Shake himself, Dana Snyder, lollygagging around, talking to another fan. I gotta admit I was a bit flustered when I approached him...maybe it was the lack of food and water or maybe because I think he's one of the funniest voice talents I've heard . One of those two. He's a really nice guy and I wish I could have talked with him further. Maybe for the NY ComicCon. And sure enough, I look like a dumbass when I take a picture with him.

Then I wandered down Artist Alley and bothered the insanely talented Khary Randolph while he was working on a sketch for a fan. He told me about a super secret project he was approached to design for, which I won't say here. Great guy and I hope he works on more projects...his work is so appealing!

So at the end of the Con, I made a "big" least for me. An original page from one of Jim Mahfood's Marvel comics. Next time, original Mignola work and definately Cory Walker art. This one is going in my home office...when I get a home office, that is.

And to the little tyke who lost (I'm assuming) her sock, my friend noticed it lying on the ground at Grand Central. We didn't take it...but we did steal its soul through the digital-soul-stealing-camera. If you go back now, you can probably still grab it...HURRY!!!


  1. Why Why Why would you rub this in my face. At the very least, you should have told me and I would have made you a ComicSubz t-shirt. . .

    Gah. So much for the botherly bond thing.

    Hope you had a good time.

  2. That or business cards. Either way, I'm totally gonna promote the hell out of ComicSubz for NY ComicCon.

  3. Hey Mr.Saville:

    That's so funny-I was in several classes with Khary at SVA. He always was one the most talented mofos there. I'm glad to see he's having such success!

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Right on's good to meet extremely talented folks who are really nice.

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  6. HA, when my browser first loaded your blog, I thought that picture was you and Al Franken (a.k.a. Stuart Smalley).

  7. I love your mouth in that picture Tom. I love it so much I want to divorce Kristie and marry it.