Wednesday, November 08, 2006

my new toy addiction

Nick Gibbons and I would occasionally have a little beverage adventure in the city and among our adventures, we would stop by Kid Robot and pick up some of his favorite dunnies. That dude LOVES his dunnies. He collects them. I never understood his undying devotion to those toys (though I've had my share of toy addiction...especially with Todd McFarlanes Movie Maniacs from years back) until I came across the Chax Colony series 1 and 2, also at Kid Robot. The one that got me hooked is the business man pinching the cheek of a smaller, more squirrely business man. This one...

Wow! How funny is that. Then there's one of a cute bear kneeing some passerby in the face. IN THE FACE!!! Luckily, I got that one on my second visit. The other ones are pretty dang cool too. Here are the ones I got on my second and third purchase. I had a dup of cupid rocket launching his love to the world so I gave it to my brother on his recent visit to NYC. So here are my new Chax Colony friends that will be forever displayed at my desk at work.

I have three other ones at work, so I'll take a snapshot of those and update this post.


  1. Hey, this is a really cool blog you have here. Nice job.

  2. ooo, these toys are awesome. I like.

  3. I like that the label for this post is "just awesome". And it is Tom, it is.

  4. I wish real bears would knee children in the face. The world would be a better place.