Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas (Texas edition!)

I went back to Austin/San Antonio for the Christmas break and had a great time with the family. Getting out to Austin was a bit daunting because of the delays and buses and metro. So I got there and stayed in Austin for a couple of days, hung out with my brother and his wife and my nephews, Simon and Duke. I love these little fellas...they sent me their own Christmas card.
Then I went to San Antonio, ate a ton of great food with the most awesomest family, and went to some land on the Guadalupe River. Here are some of the pictures:

By the way, is almost go for launch! Sign up and get on the bandwagon!


  1. oh fun... too bad you didn't make it to dallas to see everyone... oh wait... no one is there anymore... i weep

  2. No one is there anymore? :(

    So close and yet so far away from us Tom! You must come and visit sometime and see the little wee kitten cats.

  3. I really wanted to go to Dallas. Luckily, my younger brother and his new wife will be having another reception and will likely make it out for that.

    Paul, Ray and Deanna wanted to hang out too, Sarah. Maybe we could all get together for dinner one night!