Saturday, January 06, 2007

Unlimited-Ammo: Premature Eradication!

Way back when, Matt Simmons, Nick Gibbons and myself decided to do an anthology of our own zombie comic strips and ultimately, pull them together to make a comic called 'Swords are for Zombies'. Matt and Nick slowly got busier with their own projects and SAFZ sank into the shadows from whence it came. I decided to keep mine going and titled it Unlimited-Ammo.

Ok enough backstory...Nick did this one strip that was so GENIUS that a couple of years later, I wanted to put in the U-A series. I no longer have the original comic (hard drive explosion) but it's strikingly similar. Here it is now, a rough 'remake' of that very strip.

I had a great time working on this. It's my second 'comic style' page and the first where I got really ambitious with the shading. I used photos of roadsides and thunderstorms for reference, took reference photos of Nick and myself, and "studied" Bill Crabtrees work in Invincible. I'm not sure if I can go back to greyscale...coloring is just too much fun.

Here is the rough layout. It has only slightly changed...definitely for the better.

It's probably gonna be a while before the next comic is released. I had an idea on the way to work and Nick liked it. It's probably gonna be 4 pages or so.


  1. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing myself blow off my own head, rendered so beautifully. Great job Tom!!!!

  2. Ew! Ha ha, but well done, Mr. Saville :)

  3. Thanks, fellas (and fellete)! :)