Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sweetness in Seattle

My good buddy, Aaron (and his way awesome wife, Reagan) moved to Seattle a few months ago to work at Valve Software. Those are the guys who are making Half-Life 2, Counter Strike, and the soon to be released, Team Fortress 2. It just so happens, that a couple of friends who I used to work with at DNA, now work at Valve (Andrew Burke and Matthew Russell) invited a couple MORE friends from DNA to stay with them THAT VERY WEEKEND! The roster was growing and it was quickly becoming a reunion. The entire trip was great. It was exactly what I needed as far as "vacations" go and going back to visit the Halifax's again is a no-brainer. I miss all my DNA friends...they're pretty rad.

Now here are some pictures!


  1. Oh cool! Glad you enjoyed your time up here! Beautiful aint it?!

  2. come back to visit soon Tom!

  3. that was a fun weekend.

    and thanks a lot for posting that last picture where joe and i both look stupid.

  4. Hopefully Aarons legs will be working by the time you decide to come back.

  5. Yeah Bobby...Seattle is GORGEOUS! You see more toll bridges than trees here in NY.

    Heck yeah I wanna come back, Kristie! In a few months!

    Mish...I've got PLENTY more pictures of you and Joe acting foolish. I even have one where you're cutting Joe because he made sounds into words.

    What happened to Aaron's legs, Andrew?

  6. yay... tom blogs again... it was great seeing you mr tom... you should consider a trip to northern california sometime... its pretty here...BLOG... BLOG... BLOG

  7. Me misses Tom Saville!

    Aaron's legs weren't working for a few days because of doing 175 calf raises with the personal trainer. He's such a wimp......I could totally do 1000.