Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Subscribe to comics through the internets!

I'm a betting man sometimes...and I'm betting you actively subscribe to comics. Lucky YOU then! My brother and his wife started a company that connects the customers comic subscriptions through to the retailers for you. So all you have to do is subscribe to comics through, print out what you want (as soon as the retailer portion of the site goes live, of course), and hand it over to your comic book shop! Right now, the site is in BETA but in the coming months, more neat features will be added (I've heard a whole bunch of them...they're pretty darn rad). If you collect comics, I implore you to check the site out and get the word out for my very ambitious brother.

On a personal note, not that much has been happening. Work has been picking up (which is a very good thing) and more importantly, I'm an UNCLE! My brother and his wife (yes, the very same that run ComicSubz) went and had a baby girl. I'm excited. More neat stuff later!