Monday, June 25, 2007

Aim high, Nick Gibbons...

This past Friday was Nick Gibbons last day at Blue Sky. The dude was around for 4 years and, in that time, got a lot of folks out to see comedy shows and even let some Blue Skyers act in some of his short films. He was easily one of my best friends and I'll miss him every time I take a bite out of an Atlanta Bread sangwich. Go visit his site and if you like what you see, Conan O' Brian, hire him to be a writer for your show! He's got the most amazing smile and he doesn't mind if you poke him in the tummy!

Here's just some of his can see the rest by visiting his website!

my favorite of the collection!

The hugely popular, The F.N.G.R.!

The Finale to the hugely popular, The F.N.G.R.!