Friday, June 29, 2007

Horton spotted!

This is actually the first WE'VE seen of this poster, too. It doesn't look too bad. The teaser is done and it looks INCREDIBLE. All you Seuss fans won't be dissappointed with the look of it.

The link to the posters are here!


  1. this is a painting right?
    or is it cg?
    its getting harder and harder to tell.

  2. That is a painting, my delicate Alex. That looks like Horton though. The first time you see Horton in 3D'll just have to wait. :)

  3. hey Mr. Saville...guess what ?? i found my lecture notes. i'm heading out to Taiwan to do a lecture series there, and it forced me to pile drive thru all my stuff, and voila! zee old notes!! i'll send them to you soon.

    btw, can't wait to see what you' and all the boys are doing on Horton.

  4. Dr.'re the best!!!

  5. I can't wait to see this movie. Aaron and I just might have to fly back to NY to watch it with you guys.