Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm a 2 month old uncle!

Just about 2 months ago, my brother, Hal, and his way awesome wife, Jess, had their first little girl, Cameron. I have yet to make it out to Austin for the weekend to train her to be a master crime fighter but after my relocation (more on THAT later), I'm going to spend a whole weekend being the most raddest uncle in the history of the Saville family! Here are some pictures of the little rugrat.

Huge eyes!

She's already starting to look like Hal...poor little Cameron.

Pop, Mom, and Baby


  1. Dude you're way older then 2 months.

  2. That's great uncle Tom! Congrats to the Savilles!!!

  3. Hurray for new lifeforms!!!

  4. Burke - I try not to discriminate.

    Ray - FOR REAL, RIGHT!?

    Lex - and hurray for slightly older lifeforms!

  5. Congrats again! And, I agree, she does look a lot like your brother.

  6. Congrats Tom! Yay for tiny humans! I just got to meet a friend's new baby today too. :)