Friday, June 15, 2007

Reels in the internets!

I've been meaning to put all of my reels/shots on the youTubes or the Google Video for some time. Last night, I was bored so I did just that. And here they are...for NO apparent reason.

My Blue Sky animation test. They liked it.

Not ALL the shots I worked on for Robots but some of the better ones.

Most of the shots I worked on for Ice Age 2.


  1. great ice age 2 stuff tom... my favorites are... the grandpa wanting to stay in the ground (that one is amazing)... sid with the stick, pulling and then falling(the feet kicking and hold in the air is awesome)... the shots with diego trying to catch the possums in the holes is great too (really weighty... feels like a big heavy cat)... and when sid says I'm dying here. Yay Tomathin!!!

  2. great to see these again Tom! nice work. Look forward to seeing Horton. cheers.

  3. Thanks Alex!

    JC, I can't even LOOK at most of my Robots shots after you critiqued them...I definately learned from my mistakes. So thanks a ton for that. :)

  4. dude, dont say that!!
    you've done good work and improving by leaps and bounds....btw, i'm close to finding those notes for ya since i'm doing some house cleaning. i'll let you know when i've got them! slap jerod in the head for me. hehe