Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last shot on Horton....FINAL'D!

Today is a mighty day for me. A day that most animators enjoy as much as Christmas or falling asleep before your face hits that soft pillow at night. Today, my last shot on Horton was finaled! Mike Walling had a similar experience today and his post inspired me to share this accomplishment. I won't tell you which shot it was but it was really fun to work on. As soon as the movie is released, I'll have a reel to show you folks. Go see the movie! You'll be in awe at how beautiful it is!

I almost forgot, some silly videos that kept me entertained recently:
Animation DVD
Amy at the Club
She She Shes a bombshell

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lots of news!

So it's been a while since I've updated my blog/site/thing because of some reason or another. Well today is the day for uber-update-bonus-round!!! I suppose quite a few things have happened lately, new trailer, Christmas/New Years, fellow Blue Skyers having babies, Blue Sky flood of '08, and new residences. But I'll just touch on the basics for now.

New Horton Trailer
Yeah a new trailer thats not too bad! The first trailer left a bunch of us wondering what was going on but this trailer shows the lush world that Horton and the Whos live in. This one is REALLY old.

Texas Christmasness
Christmas in Texas...a gorgeous 60-70 the entire time I was there. Got the chance to see my entire family and, finally, a chance to see my niece, Cameron. She's just about the coolest kid in Texas. By the way, I got a Wii for Christmas and it's really neat! I'm addicted to Guitar Hero.

Blue Sky is Connecticut Bound

After the building rained on the animation department (a pipe burst above our floor) and the floor flooded (a pipe burst on the floor), we get news that we're officially moving North to the border of Connecticut. Since I live in Brooklyn now, this news makes me sigh a bit. Sure, it's only an extra 10 minute drive and, sure, I'll be getting a new car next month...so I should be more excited. I'm sure once all the construction is done and I'm actually walking around in our rad new space, I'll fall in love with it.

And finally, some stupid videos I thought were funny lately:
Italian Spiderman
You Suck at Photoshop, Pt. 2
I was the turkey the WHOLE time!
How do you feel?
Happy Holidays, Jerks