Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meet my brand new nephew!

One of the cool things about going to Texas for the Horton premiere was seeing my family...especially my brother, Steve, and his pregnant wife, Darby. A couple of days after I left, Darby had the little tyke. The totally awesome Noah Daxton Saville! Here are some pictures of the coolest baby boy on the planet of Earth!

Steve and Noah!

Nice hat, new dude...but you'd look better with a little BEAR EARED HAT!!!


  1. I didn't know that your family was expecting a new little addition! Congratulations. I bet you are the best Uncle in the world!

  2. Tom Saville is an uncle! That's awesome. Congrats on that and the great box office on Horton!

  3. Soooo cute! Congrats Uncle Tom!

  4. Is your next blog entry going to have pictures of this little guys highschool graduation? Just saying it's been a while is all, I miss you.