Sunday, June 22, 2008

Congrats to the Kung Fu Panda team!

I saw this movie the friday it came out (at lunch) and never got around to congratulating the team that worked on it! The story was way fun, the characters were extremely entertaining, the design was IN-CREDIBLE (!) and the technology behind it (ie. rigs, effects, layout) was way ahead of anything the studios are working on now. My tiny hat is off to you guys (and gals)'s gonna be a tough movie to top.

I'm totally looking forward to Monsters vs Aliens and Master Mind!

A recent CGSociety article that blew my mind...I is jealous!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Flight Explorer Volume 1!

Back when were stationed on the 17th floor, I made friends with Jake Parker (of Flight Vol 1, and Vol 2 fame) because of all things, Hellboy. Jake showed me all the neat stuff he was working on for Flight and Out Of Picture Vol 2 and my enthusiasm for seeing this pre-published stuff was obvious. At the time, I was drawing and coloring a zombie comic strip called Unlimited-Ammo and wanted to get his critiques on how to make each page better. A few days later, Jake comes to me with a help him lay colors base down for his latest comic. Now that may sound like a boring task or even like a 'favor', but because I was so into Unlimited-Ammo, it gave me the chance to collaborate with an amazing artist. And with all the help he was giving me on my comics, I thought it fitting. So he showed me his process and gave me the pallete he used and the rest of the uncolored photoshop pages to gussy up and from there, set up an easier automated process for it. Believe was pretty dang simple, but the automation helped quite a bit.

So this post has gone on WAY too long just to say, I got a 'special thanks' credit in Flight Explorer Vol 1 so check it out. Heck, buy it if you love good storytelling!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My first demo reel!

Blue Sky Animation Dept is getting to know each other better and tell each other about our lives and how we got to where we are today. So to do this, we have the choice to show pictures, demo reels, anything that gives the other animators the insight how much we had to struggle or not struggle. Me, personally, got REALLY lucky with getting where I am today. When I make that presentation, I'll share with you guys the milestones in my life that got me here. But for now, you'll have to settle with my very first demo reel. I wish I had my very first animation. It was a test in a character animation class (at Art Institute of Dallas) to see if we wanted to do animation...after doing this, I fell in love with it.

Just to give you a little backstory on this. While I was finishing up AID, I knew there wasn't enough time to model, rig, and animate my epic demo idea (which was a ninja running through a fortress, battling minions to get to the head boss to a ska beat by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) so I ran with a character I'd been drawing for a while. After the quarter was over, I decided I needed to take another semester and do this little story. It was all fairly easy and got everything out on time. No problems whatsoever. The instructors were even kind enough to say it was one of the best reels to come out of the animation course (which turned me beet red). I showed it at the job fair but that was after I showed it to my buddy, Aaron Thedford, at DNA. So I made the trip up to DNA, showed it to him and ran into a fellow AID'er (Matthew Russell) who was more than happy to show my reel to the animation supervisor at the time, Paul Allen. They called me in for an interview the day of the demo reel fair (where all the companies in the area would check out the student work) and I sat there with Paul and looped my demo about 20 times...excrutiating. So I went to the fair and even had little root beer cans with my labels wrapped around it. Like in the demo. The fair came and went and to my suprise, the next day, Gina Shey called me with a job offer. I was so excited I took my pants off and peed all over them.

Also, I was thinking of doing a chronology of demo reels and you guys can tell me if I've progressed at all. The Ice Age 2 and Horton reel may be a bit tricky to get up here (legalities...bleh) but I'll try anyway.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

I went to Ireland and all I got was 1,000 pictures!

At the beginning of the year, my aunt and uncle asked me to come to Ireland with them. At the time, I wasn't really sure...I was wrapping up Horton, had plans to go the LA premiere (and Vegas), and had to find a new place. Good thing the trip was planned for May 3rd for two weeks which gave me plenty of time to decide, well the premiere came and went, got myself a place no problem and the burning out was hitting me hard. So getting the ticket was easy the only thing I felt bad about was taking the two weeks off. Next thing I know, I'm in the Dublin airport and my two week trip around Ireland began! I'm gonna show you the best pictures because as the title tells you, I took about 1,000 pictures. Maybe I'll just show you about 10 or 15 or so.

The crew we traveled with.

Me and my cousin, Lisa, are pretty cool sometimes.

Something I drew for the Guinness visitor wall...I don't like it.

I LOVE yelling poses.

I made a lake! Cool!


Yelling pictures. Rad.

I wasn't supposed to take a picture of this room. Suck it, Ireland!

Uncle Ryan and Steven...yell for the camera.

Lil Andy...owner of Lil Andy's Pub. He was really good at darts, too.

That blur in the bottom right is me getting up as fast as I humanly can. I'm terrified of heights.


THIS is Ireland!

Hey that's ME!

Aunt Stella and Uncle Ryan were the coolest! They hung out with Lisa and I and listened to an Irish band....sipping a warm Irish Whiskey.


It's good to know my ninja skills are still working in Ireland.

Just kidding...this was in Coney Island.

My uncle was teaching me to balance rocks. Very fun....and deadly!

I got to ride a horse!

This is me and my new best horse friend, Atrayu.

Oh great...a car is coming....on this one lane road.

It's a good thing that fence was there to protect me from falling over.

This doesn't make me Irish at all.

And over here...are some birds.

After I stepped out of the crypt, I noticed a transformation!

The hike begins!

My uncle is one crazy dude.


The castle is THAT WAY!

George Washington is alive and well in Dingle, Ireland.

Captain Paddy was one rad dude.

More rock balancing.

Things got a little out of hand.

Giants Causeway.

The giants foot needs a hug...

Completely insane!

Terror. Conquered.

There wasn't anything within a hundred leagues...I don't know what they were talking about.

Outside of a prison.

Ok so maybe that was more like 20-something pictures. It was great and I'd love to go back. Maybe not this year....or next.......but some day!

UPDATE!!! I've added a slideshow option from my picasa account. Since the limit for each picasa album, it's broken up into two albums. Here's part 1 and 2.