Friday, June 20, 2008

Flight Explorer Volume 1!

Back when were stationed on the 17th floor, I made friends with Jake Parker (of Flight Vol 1, and Vol 2 fame) because of all things, Hellboy. Jake showed me all the neat stuff he was working on for Flight and Out Of Picture Vol 2 and my enthusiasm for seeing this pre-published stuff was obvious. At the time, I was drawing and coloring a zombie comic strip called Unlimited-Ammo and wanted to get his critiques on how to make each page better. A few days later, Jake comes to me with a help him lay colors base down for his latest comic. Now that may sound like a boring task or even like a 'favor', but because I was so into Unlimited-Ammo, it gave me the chance to collaborate with an amazing artist. And with all the help he was giving me on my comics, I thought it fitting. So he showed me his process and gave me the pallete he used and the rest of the uncolored photoshop pages to gussy up and from there, set up an easier automated process for it. Believe was pretty dang simple, but the automation helped quite a bit.

So this post has gone on WAY too long just to say, I got a 'special thanks' credit in Flight Explorer Vol 1 so check it out. Heck, buy it if you love good storytelling!!!

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