Sunday, June 01, 2008

I went to Ireland and all I got was 1,000 pictures!

At the beginning of the year, my aunt and uncle asked me to come to Ireland with them. At the time, I wasn't really sure...I was wrapping up Horton, had plans to go the LA premiere (and Vegas), and had to find a new place. Good thing the trip was planned for May 3rd for two weeks which gave me plenty of time to decide, well the premiere came and went, got myself a place no problem and the burning out was hitting me hard. So getting the ticket was easy the only thing I felt bad about was taking the two weeks off. Next thing I know, I'm in the Dublin airport and my two week trip around Ireland began! I'm gonna show you the best pictures because as the title tells you, I took about 1,000 pictures. Maybe I'll just show you about 10 or 15 or so.

The crew we traveled with.

Me and my cousin, Lisa, are pretty cool sometimes.

Something I drew for the Guinness visitor wall...I don't like it.

I LOVE yelling poses.

I made a lake! Cool!


Yelling pictures. Rad.

I wasn't supposed to take a picture of this room. Suck it, Ireland!

Uncle Ryan and Steven...yell for the camera.

Lil Andy...owner of Lil Andy's Pub. He was really good at darts, too.

That blur in the bottom right is me getting up as fast as I humanly can. I'm terrified of heights.


THIS is Ireland!

Hey that's ME!

Aunt Stella and Uncle Ryan were the coolest! They hung out with Lisa and I and listened to an Irish band....sipping a warm Irish Whiskey.


It's good to know my ninja skills are still working in Ireland.

Just kidding...this was in Coney Island.

My uncle was teaching me to balance rocks. Very fun....and deadly!

I got to ride a horse!

This is me and my new best horse friend, Atrayu.

Oh great...a car is coming....on this one lane road.

It's a good thing that fence was there to protect me from falling over.

This doesn't make me Irish at all.

And over here...are some birds.

After I stepped out of the crypt, I noticed a transformation!

The hike begins!

My uncle is one crazy dude.


The castle is THAT WAY!

George Washington is alive and well in Dingle, Ireland.

Captain Paddy was one rad dude.

More rock balancing.

Things got a little out of hand.

Giants Causeway.

The giants foot needs a hug...

Completely insane!

Terror. Conquered.

There wasn't anything within a hundred leagues...I don't know what they were talking about.

Outside of a prison.

Ok so maybe that was more like 20-something pictures. It was great and I'd love to go back. Maybe not this year....or next.......but some day!

UPDATE!!! I've added a slideshow option from my picasa account. Since the limit for each picasa album, it's broken up into two albums. Here's part 1 and 2.


  1. Awesome! I'm so jealous. I would have stolen that sign BTW.

  2. Great pictures Tom!! Wow they make me really want to go.... fun more....MORE!!

  3. Beautiful pictures Tom... I enjoyed all 950 of them! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Travel, travel, travel while you can! :)

  4. Nice pictures dewd! Yes, I stalk your website to get updates on how you're doing because YOU NEVER CALL ME ANYMORE.

    Dead to me.


  5. great pictures tom
    i love the long hair look
    you look like an irish rock star

  6. did you kiss the blaaaaaarney stone?