Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blue Sky, we have to talk...

4 and a half years ago, I started at Blue Sky.  At Blue Sky, I met some amazing people...incredible talent but more importantly, people that I consider true friends.  Friends that I will keep with me my entire life.  But now it's time to move on.  Now it's time to try something different and spice it up.  I've always thought that the next step in my career was games and in the next few years, the tech of in-game animation is going to rival feature animation.  Luckily, a company has given me the opportunity to help them achieve that.  The next step in my animation career is Bungie!  Yup, they made the Halo games and, my personal favorite, Myth 1 and 2.  As soon as I left the interview I was pumped.  It seems like a great fit and they're awesome enough to give me a couple of months of a 'break'.  A break meaning packing, road trip to Texas then Washington, stress of moving, and holiday family time.

So the next few posts will be from my trip to Texas then to Washington...and yes, they're gonna be taken with my badass camera.  Stay tuned, people!

The Dude Challenge is over! feels good to shave again.  This was the first time I grew out my 'stache and even though it didn't help me in any DID bring the team together in an extraordinary way.  Well....mostly razzing.  Here are mine for week 3 through 5.

Week 3: This is the best my 'stache looked through out....until it started going horribly wrong...

Week 4: Started going downhill...getting shaggy and started growing over my lips.  Ewww...

Week 5:  The end!!!  Everyone dressed up all crazy but I just threw on my winter coat.  I'm kinda dumb.

The final 1st Annual Dude Challenge group shot...40 people participated!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Week 2 of Dude Challenge!

This is my second week of the Dude Challenge. I'm starting to hear 'it looks great, actually' or 'you could pass for Johnny Depp'. Whatever they say, it's kinda awkward. I've never had a mustache like this. You be the judge!