Friday, January 23, 2009

Test animations!

Back when I was looking to break into the game industry, I approached a few companies. Out of the four that I was looking at, I did tests for two of them. Now what you're about to see isn't my best work... in fact, when I was doing both of these tests, I was pushing myself as hard as I could. Staying up late and coming home to lunch to work on these was common. I did one fight scene for Sony Online Entertainment in Austin. That fell through, then I got in touch with a friend at Blizzard Entertainment to help me out and was approached to do another fight scene with an additional walk cycle. Here they are...nothing fancy.

Sony Online Fight Test

Blizzard Walk Test

Blizzard Fight Test

Here are the sketches I did for the Blizzard fight.


  1. Man...!
    I like it....So how is your new place...?

  2. this stuff is extremeley fun to watch... i watched them quite a few times each

  3. Hey man those look pretty good. Was Blizzard satisfied with your tests?

  4. I ended up at Bungie! No test required and loved the environment. Been here for a year finishing up Halo: REACH. Watch most of the new assassinations...most of them are mine. :D From what I hear though, Blizzard DID like the tests. But I love Bungie so.

  5. Hi Tom. Great animations.

    Can I ask what rig did you used for these?